"Slater stretches Shakespeare into splendid silliness while magically maintaining a ring of truth to his timeless plays. Read this wonderfully mad mashup of Elizabethan English with a Southern twist." - Alan Samry, author of Stump the Librarian: A Writer’s Book of Legs "With clever rhyme and wickedly on-point lyrics, Slater and Mozley fool around with the Bard in word and art, entertaining both devotees and Shakespeare tenderfoots."
- T.K. Thorne, author of House of Rose
"This witty collection of poems inspired by the Bard’s works is most certainly a flagon full of fun." - Barry Marks, author of Possible Crocodiles

Fooling Around with Shakespeare

By Glenda Richmond Slater with illustrations by Dale Goss Mozley

Humorous riffs on twenty of Shakespeare’s plays provide fine fun. Romeo and Juliet are hillbillies and Kate the shrew is a cowgirl. The witches’ cauldron gets it wrong about Macbeth. A tattooed queen, a snake handler and assorted other characters add to the romp. A great introduction to the Bard and a delightful re-invention for his long-time fans.